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We are a specialist tattoo removal London clinic

We are a specialist laser tattoo removal London clinic service. We provide expert advice, laser tattoo removal treatments and exceptional client care.  We use award-winning laser tattoo removal technology to help deliver brilliant results. And all within a safe and professional clinic environment. We are a tattoo removal treatment provider led by medical and clinic professionals whose backgrounds include both private healthcare and the NHS. Book a free consultation to discover just how our we can help you to remove your unwanted tattoo.

Here at London Tattoo Clinic we pride ourselves on our knowledge, our experience and the quality of care that we provide to our clients. We are proud to be a dedicated laser tattoo removal clinic. We do not offer any other treatments meaning our team have extensive knowledge and experience of the tattoo removal process. We focus entirely on delivering exceptional service and achieving great results.


We are a specialist & dedicated laser tattoo removal London clinic service base here in Marylebone, London W1.

Here at London Tattoo Clinic we fully appreciate great ink work and are in no way anti-tattoo. We are simply here to assist clients who may be experiencing tattoo regret and who no longer wish to keep their ink.

A tattoo is a personal statement and almost always has great personal significance. The reasons why clients are looking for laser tattoo removal are also personal. There could be many reasons why your attitude towards your tattoo(s) have changed. Some tattoo designs can become dated as colours, designs, typography and trends evolve. Whatever your reason we are here to provide you with professional advice and access to safe and effective laser tattoo removal treatments. And the best possible results.

If you would like to carry out further independent research on laser tattoo removal yourself then we would advise that you to speak with your GP and visit the NHS Choices website for further guidance.

Tattoo removal London clinic

Unlike many other treatment providers, who offer a range of laser services, we specialise solely in providing professional laser tattoo removal treatments. We have a wealth of clinic experience, are client-focused and are committed to delivering the very best results and the highest level of care for all of our clients.

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Transparent pricing

During your very first consultation with us we will confirm how many tattoo removal treatments we expect to be required to reach the optimal result for you. Our tattoo removal team will also confirm the full price of your full treatment course all before your very first tattoo removal treatment begins.

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Free consultations

Take your first step to removing that unwanted tattoo by booking your free consultation with our expert practitioners. You can now book your consultation with us using our online booking process. Booking an appointment is super simple and can be completed in less time than it takes to make a brew.

The number of treatments needed to successfully remove a tattoo will depend on a number of factors including the age of the tattoo,  its size and location, your skin type and the colour composition and condition of the tattoo. 

Other factors such as the type of laser treatment applied and just how well the treatment area heals between your treatment sessions are also important. As a guide, most patients usually require between five and ten laser treatment sessions to achieve the optimal tattoo removal results from their laser tattoo removal treatment course.


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