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      Tattoo Removal

      London Clinic

      Laser Tattoo Removal London Tattoo Clinic

      Here at our central London laser tattoo removal clinic we provide expert advice, professional laser tattoo removal treatments and exceptional client care.

      We carry out expert laser tattoo removal treatments on all types of tattoos

      We carry out laser tattoo removal treatments on all types of professional and amateur tattoos. From small, medium and large pieces, body tattoos, hand tattoos, full sleeves, facial tattoos and the removal of permanent eyebrow makeup. We can remove the vast majority of ink pigments from all types of Black tattoo ink to a broad range of tattoo colours

      About Our Tattoo Removal London Clinic

       We are a professional laser treatment clinic launched and managed by experienced clinic professionals whose backgrounds include both NHS general practice and private healthcare clinics. We are specialist laser tattoo removal London clinic meaning we are experts in tattoo removal. We do not provide any other treatments.

      At London Tattoo Clinic we use expert laser technology developed over 20 years by the UK’s leading laser provider. Our laser technology is clinically proven to be both safe and effective for our clients. 

      Why come to us?

      – Specialist Laser Tattoo Removal London Clinic
      – Free Consultations
      – Safe & Proven Laser Technology

      – We Remove Black Ink and Most Coloured Inks

      – Fully Qualified & Experienced Clinic Team
      – Excellent Results & Exceptional Care

      – £ Great Prices On All Treatments


      WE ARE SPECIALISTS 100% of our clinic work is laser tattoo removal. We do not provide any other treatments.


      What Our Clients Say 

      “I’m very happy with the results. The staff have been really helpful and have made the whole experience a great one.”

      Vicky, London

      “My consultation was great and allowed me to ask all the questions I had without being put under pressure or sold to. My treatments have been excellent too.”

      James, London

      “I so pleased to have found the clinic. The laser sessions have been very quick and the nurse was lovely. I’m happy with the result will be back for my final treatment soon.”

      Andrea, Oxford

      “Before my first session I was a worried about the potential pain.  The practitioner talked me through every step and helped calm my nerves. The treatment was actually Ok 🙂 ”

      Monica, London


      Common Questions 

      Is laser tattoo removal painful?

      Feedback from many clients is that the treatment is far less uncomfortable than they had expected. Laser tattoo removal is not fun but for the majority of clients it is absolutely manageable if you wish to take positive steps to removing an unwanted tattoo. At London Tattoo Clinic we use leading clinic technology to ensure that all treatment sessions are as comfortable as possible for you.


      How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?

      The number of treatments needed varies from person to person. Typically, clients will generally require between five to eight treatments to reach the optimal result. Larger, dense, cover-up tattoos and more complex ink-work will require more treatments. During your consultation we will provide an estimate of the number of treatments that we would expect you to require.

      Is our laser tattoo removal suitable for all skin types?

      We provide safe, effective and successful laser tattoo removal treatments using proven laser technology developed over 20 years. We provide treatments for clients with Skin Types 1, 2, 3 and 4 based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. If you are unsure about your skin type then please contact our clinic and our team will be pleased to assist.

      How will I know if laser tattoo removal will work for me?

      We will assess your skin type and the tattoo you wish to remove and will discuss your general health and any relevant medical history. Clients are also encouraged to ask any questions that they may have. Your consultation will allow us to determine your suitability for treatment. Patch Tests are also free for all new clients.

      Our Laser Tattoo Removal Prices 

      At our laser tattoo removal London clinic we strive to make our laser tattoo removal treatments as accessible as possible. Our prices are based simply on the size of the tattoo that you wish to remove.

      Book your Free Consultation with our

      expert laser tattoo removal team. 

      Where to find us:

      London Tattoo Clinic
      90 York Street
      W1H 1QU

      |  We are located in suite 5 within the excellent Emporium Treatment Clinic |