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Laser tattoo removal London

Welcome to our site. We are a specialist laser tattoo removal London clinic providing professional tattoo removal. We provide expert care for clients using the most effective laser tattoo removal treatments available. At London Tattoo Clinic we use a variety of laser treatments to best suit your skin type. The number of treatments needed will largely depend on the complexity of the tattoo that you want to remove.

A tattoo is personal and the reasons why clients are looking for laser tattoo removal are also personal. Some clients are looking to remove faded tattoos that they may have had in days gone by.  Some tattoo designs can become dated. Remember those barbed wire biceps that were on trend oh so long ago? Some clients choose to visit a tattoo removal clinic to remove those regrettable tattoos. Our laser tattoo removal clinic provides the very best in the quality of laser treatments available and the best possible results.

Here at London Tattoo Clinic we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. We are proud to be a dedicated laser tattoo removal clinic. We do not offer other treatments meaning our team have extensive knowledge of the tattoo removal process. We focus entirely on delivering exceptional service in a safe and professional clinic environment.

Before you book your laser tattoo removal appointment at our London clinic take a read through our website to help you best prepare.

How many sessions does it take to complete a laser tattoo removal treatment?

The number of laser tattoo removal treatments you will need to successfully remove a tattoo will depend on a number of key elements including:

  1. The age of the tattoo you want to remove.
  2. Your skin type.
  3. The size and the positioning of the tattoo.
  4. The complexity and condition of the tattoo.
  5. The colour composition of your tattoo.
  6. The type of laser treatment applied.
  7. How well the treatment area heals between your treatment sessions.

Typically, as a guide, most London Tattoo Clinic clients usually require between four and eight laser treatment sessions to achieve the best possible results. All patients receive a detailed laser tattoo removal consultation on their first visit to our tattoo removal clinic. During the consultation we’ll provide advice on the best possible laser treatment for you and what we would expect to be able to achieve as a result of your treatments. We will also advise you on how best care for your skin following a laser tattoo removal treatment session to ensure the best possible result.

If you would like to carry out further research on laser tattoo removal yourself then we would advise you to speak with your GP and visit the NHS Choices website for further guidance.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

This is the single most common question that our clients have. Laser tattoo removal can cause some minor discomfort on the basis that the treatment is carried out by an experienced technician. It is important that you are comfortable with the team carrying out your laser procedure and that it is carried out in a safe clinic environment.

On a personal note, I have had both tattoo’s and a course of six laser tattoo removal treatments. My tattoo laser removal was far less painful than I was led to believe. I would describe it as mildly uncomfortable at first but certainly no more uncomfortable than my initial tattooing sessions. The vast majority of patients can complete a tattoo removal treatment session and comfortably return to work or simply carry on with their day as normal. Again, it is important that your laser treatment is carried out by an experienced laser technician who specialises in laser removal treatments. Contact our expert tattoo removal London clinic if you have any questions.

How can our laser tattoo removal London clinic help?

Still unsure on your options, then please book a consultation at our tattoo removal London clinic. We’ll discuss your options, the realistic results you can expect, our laser tattoo removal prices and will help to address any questions or concerns that you may still have.

Use our menu to find more information about our clinic, about tattoo removal prices and packages that will be available for you to choose from.

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Updated 3 March 2019