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      Tattoo Removal


      Advice on Laser Tattoo Removal


      All clients come with their own questions and, sometimes, concerns. Does laser tattoo removal hurt? How long does it take to remove a tattoo?  Can you remove any colour or combination of coloured tattoos? How many sessions does it take to complete a laser tattoo removal treatment? Here we address some of the most common questions: 


      Skin Types We Can Successfully Treat


      Different skin tones react to laser light in different ways. Regardless of where you go for your laser tattoo removal treatment it is important that you are aware of your skin type.  Here at London Tattoo Clinic we are committed to providing brilliant results and ensuring our clients are best protected minimising the risk of complications during or following a treatment. We provide safe, effective and successful laser tattoo removal treatments for clients with skin types I, II, III and IV based on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

       If you have skin type V or VI then we are happy to provide general advice on the procedures however, unfortunately we are not be able to provide laser treatments due to the increased risk of potential complications when treating these skin types. If you are unsure then please contact our clinic or book a consultation and we’ll assist you.

      How does laser tattoo removal work?


      tattoo is made up of many thousands of particles of ink pigment suspended deep within the skin tissue (epidermis). These ink pigments, in their current state, are often far too large to be effectively removed naturally by your body’s own immune system.

      The laser tattoo removal treatment works by delivering focused pulses of energy at the required wavelength needed to the site of the tattoo. The wavelength/amount of energy required will depend on the colour(s) of your tattoo and your skin type. These pulses of energy pass through the skin and effectively breakdown the tattoo ink pigments into much smaller particles. Following a laser tattoo removal treatment these smaller ink particles become simpler for your body’s immune system to effectively process as a foreign body, your immune system breaks them down further and gradually removes them from your body over time.

      This process leads to a progressive fading of the tattoo after each treatment and the appropriate healing time. Here at London Tattoo Clinic we provide a Free Consultation & Patch Test with an expert tattoo removal practitioner. A one-to-one personal consultation provides you with an opportunity to understand the process in greater detail and to ask any questions about the treatment procedure before you decide to proceed with a course of laser tattoo removal treatments.

      How successful will my treatment be?

      One of the very first questions clients often have is, ‘Will the treatment completely remove my tattoo?’. The overall result and success of your laser tattoo removal treatment is dependant on a number of important factors. The size, location, colour, age and composition of the tattoo you wish to remove all contribute to the overall result that is achievable. In the majority of cases complete removal is achievable providing the appropriate treatment is applied by a skilled laser professional and that the number of treatment sessions is correctly chosen.

       It is important that the correct healing time is taken between your treatment sessions to allow the treatments to work to best effect and to allow your body to begin to break down the pigment of the treated tattoo. We usually work to a rest and recovery period of 8-weeks between your treatment sessions to help us, and your skin, to achieve the optimal result and to minimise the risk of you experiencing complications. It is also important that you care for your treated skin well following a laser tattoo removal treatment. Sensibly protecting yourself from sun exposure and allowing time for the skin to heal.

      The team at London Tattoo Clinic provide all clients with clear detailed information to help them to ensure that the post-treatment healing process is successful and contributes to helping you to deliver the best possible results.

      In the event that during your consultation process we do not feel that a treatment plan will completely remove your tattoo then we will discuss the best expected outcome we can realistically provide. Almost all tattoos will greatly reduce in appearance and will significantly fade following a course of treatments but, in some cases, complete tattoo removal without any remaining trace of the ink-work is sometimes unachievable, even for the very best in the business.

      During your Consultation we'll confirm the results we expect to achieve following your course of tattoo removal treatments.

      Does the laser tattoo removal treatment hurt?

      Feedback from many clients is that the treatment is far less uncomfortable than they had expected.  Clients also report that the laser tattoo removal treatment process is comparable to having the tattoo itself. To be frank, laser tattoo removal is neither pleasant or fun. But for most clients it is very manageable if you wish to take positive steps to removing an unwanted tattoo. 
      they are

      At London Tattoo Clinic we use leading clinic technology to ensure that all treatments are as comfortable as possible. Our Cryo 6 technology from Zimmer Aesthetics Division helps us to minimise discomfort during laser treatments by instantly cooling your skin before and during your laser treatment. For the best experience, when choosing a clinic it is important that your laser treatment is carried out by an experienced and qualified aesthetic laser practitioner and that the laser itself is of a proven medical grade device and well maintained.

      Be fully confident in your treatment provider

      It is important that you feel confident in the clinic providing the laser treatment and that the full treatment process is explained to you. It is important that you are aware of precisely what the laser procedure entails. This helps all clients to better manage the process.

      Treatment sessions should be relatively short and clear advice should be provided to help you to best manage the healing process following a treatment session. A safe, clean clinic environment is important to help clients to remain safe and to feel at ease. Importantly, laser tattoo removal, when carried out professionally in a safe and well-managed environment, remains the most reliable and effective option to reduce or remove a tattoo.

      Always, always ask!

      We have all come across a tabloid horror story concerning laser tattoo removal treatments. Typically, issues often stem from unqualified providers carrying out laser treatments using inferior and unproven laser technology.  Poor training, poor treatment procedures and inferior laser technology are always going to be a recipe for a poor experience. To ensure you are being treated by a credible and professional laser tattoo removal provider it is essential to ask the following:

      What qualifications do you have to carry out Class-4 aesthetic laser treatments?
      Have you received detailed training from the laser manufacturer on how to correctly use this laser?
      Are your lasers provided by an accredited medical device laser manufacturer?
      Will you carry out a test procedure on my tattoo’d skin?

      Are you insured to provide Class-4 laser treatments?

      All professional providers will genuinely wish to best protect every client and will be very happy to answer these questions for you before you decide to proceed with a course of treatments.

      London Tattoo Clinic is located in Marylebone, London W1 and we provide free consultations for clients wishing to receive guidance on what results are achievable, advice on laser tattoo removal treatment process and how best to prepare for your treatment sessions. 

      During your Consultation we'll confirm the results we expect to achieve following your course of tattoo removal treatments.

      The overall result and the number of treatments needed to remove a tattoo varies from person to person. It will depend on factors such as the size, positioning, your skin type, the colour composition, depth and quality of the tattoo being treated.

      Typically, the majority of our clients can expect a visible reduction after your first one or two treatments and approximately between five to eight treatments for optimal results/full removal. Larger , cover-up and more complex tattoos will require more treatments to safely achieve the optimal tattoo removal results from their treatment course. Treatments are scheduled 8 weeks apart.