Advice on laser tattoo removal

The team here at London Tattoo Clinic are on hand to help provide advice on laser tattoo removal treatments. Soon you will be able to book a consultation with us. During your appointment we will evaluate your tattoo and will discuss the laser treatment options with you. All patients come with their own questions and, sometimes, concerns. Does laser tattoo removal hurt? How long does it take to remove a tattoo?  Can you remove any colour or combination of coloured tattoos? How many sessions does it take to complete a laser tattoo removal treatment?  Visit us again soon for answers to these and other frequently asked questions!

In the meantime learn more about tattoo laser treatments so you are aware of what happens at your consultation and understand how many treatments may be required to remove your unwanted tattoo.


Our new tattoo removal clinic is coming soon.

London Tattoo Clinic will be launching soon in Central London. Please visit us again soon and you will be able to book a FREE consultation at one of our London laser tattoo removal clinics and receive guidance on what to expect, advice on laser tattoo removal treatments and how best to prepare for your treatment sessions.

Last updated 1 November 2018