Laser Tattoo
Removal Advice

Advice on laser tattoo removal

The team here at London Tattoo Clinic are here to help provide advice on laser tattoo removal treatments. During your first consultation we will assess your tattoo carefully and will discuss the laser treatment in detail with you.

All clients come with their own questions and, sometimes, concerns. Does laser tattoo removal hurt? How long does it take to remove a tattoo?  Can you remove any colour or combination of coloured tattoos? How many sessions does it take to complete a laser tattoo removal treatment?  Our expert aesthetic laser team will provide insight and advice on the treatment process and the overall tattoo removal result we expect to able to achieve for you.

Please note that we provide general advice on our website and we are unable to provide consultations over the telephone. Results can vary from person to person so a physical consultation is essential to ensure we are able to fully assess the tattoo you wish to remove, your skin type and your suitability for treatment. In the vast majority of cases we can help and your initial consultation is free of charge.

Does the laser tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Feedback from some clients who have undergone laser tattoo removal is that the treatment itself can sometimes be a uncomfortable. Many clients also report that the laser tattoo removal treatment process is often less uncomfortable compared to having the tattoo itself.

At London Tattoo Clinic we use leading clinic technology to ensure that all treatments are as comfortable as possible. Our Cryo 6 technology from Zimmer Aesthetics Division helps us to minimise discomfort during laser treatments by instantly cooling your skin. For the best experience it is important that your laser treatment is carried out by an experienced and qualified aesthetic laser practitioner.

Be confident in your treatment provider

It is important that you feel confident in the clinic providing the laser treatment and that the full treatment process is explained to you. It is important that you are aware of precisely what the laser procedure entails. This helps all clients to better manage the process.

Treatment sessions should be relatively short and clear advice should be provided to help you to best manage the healing process following a treatment session. A safe, clean clinic environment is important to help clients to remain safe and to feel at ease. Importantly, laser tattoo removal, when carried out professionally in a safe and well-managed environment, remains the most reliable and effective option to reduce or remove a tattoo.

London Tattoo Clinic is located in Marylebone, London W1 and we provide free consultations for clients wishing to receive guidance on what results are achievable, advice on laser tattoo removal treatment process and how best to prepare for your treatment sessions. 

So, why choose us?

Tattoo removal experts

Unlike many other treatment providers, who offer a range of laser services, we specialise solely in providing professional laser tattoo removal treatments. We have a wealth of clinic experience, are client-focused and are committed to delivering the very best results and the highest level of care for all of our clients.


Transparent pricing

During your very first consultation with us we will confirm how many tattoo removal treatments we expect to be required to reach the optimal result for you. Our tattoo removal team will also confirm the full price of your full treatment course all before your very first tattoo removal treatment begins.


Book online

Take your first step to removing that unwanted tattoo by booking a consultation with our expert tattoo removal team. You can now book your first consultation with us using our online booking process. The booking process is super simple and can be quickly completed in less time than it takes to make a brew.


For most clients a typical treatment session with us will take between 15-30 minutes.  As a guide, most clients would normally require between five and ten laser treatment sessions to achieve the optimal result. Results are dependant on the size, location and the composition of your tattoo.


Book your free consultation today

Our experienced laser practitioners are on hand to provide advice and guidance on the treatments available to you. We’ll explain the process and will advise on the results you can expect to achieve from our laser tattoo removal treatments. And we’ll confirm the full cost of the treatment before your journey begins. If you want to know more about what to expect from a consultation with London Tattoo Clinic then click below!