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      Tattoo Removal

      London Tattoo Clinic Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

      We are pleased to assist clients wishing to remove their permanent tattooed eyebrow make-up.  We remove full block coloured eyebrow tattoos as well as micro-tattooed brows for our clients. Our experienced and qualified Aesthetic Practitioner team are able to assess your eyebrow tattoos and your skin type to provide a laser tattoo removal treatment plan to effectively & safely treat and remove your eyebrow tattoos.

      Whether you are looking to reduce the strength of the appearance of your existing eyebrow tattoos or wish to achieve complete eyebrow tattoo removal, we are here to assist you. The information below is provided to help ensure that you are perfectly prepared for your appointment to ensure you get the most from your visit to our clinic.

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      How safe is laser tattoo removal?

      When carried out by a professional, competent and well-equipped clinic; eyebrow tattoo removal is a safe and straight-forward treatment procedure. Here at London Tattoo Clinic we use proven laser technology, clinical skin cooling technology to help minimise discomfort during the procedure and specialist, certified eye protection for patients to ensure they are fully protected during the short treatment procedure. In addition, we also carry out a full assessment and consultation with you and carry out a Patch Test procedure to ensure you are suitable for treatment and will respond positively. All before your treatment begins.

      How many treatments does it take to remove eyebrow tattoos?

      The number of treatments required will vary from person to person. Factors including your skin type, the type and depth of the ink applied and how well you care for your skin between treatment sessions will all contribute towards the number of sessions required. All eyebrow tattoos will significantly fade following treatment. Results can usually be seen as early as the first treatment. Typically, clients will usually require between 2 and 4 tattoo removal treatment sessions to reach the optimal result to remove an eyebrow tattoo. Treatment sessions are spaced 8 weeks apart to ensure your skin recovers perfectly and providing the optimal time for each treatment to achieve its optimal result.

      Does tattoo removal hurt?

      Feedback from many clients is that the treatment is far less uncomfortable than they had expected.  Clients also report that the laser tattoo removal treatment process is comparable to having the tattoo itself. Laser tattoo removal is neither pleasant or fun but for most clients it is very manageable if you wish to take positive steps to removing your unwanted eyebrow tattoos.

      At London Tattoo Clinic we use leading clinic technology to ensure that all treatments are as comfortable as possible. Our Cryo 6 technology from Zimmer Aesthetics Division helps us to minimise discomfort during laser treatments by instantly cooling your skin before and during your laser treatment.

      Important - Eyebrow tattoo removal - Medical tattoos

      Here at London Tattoo Clinic we are pleased to treat clients who wish to remove their eyebrow tattoos which were originally chosen to enhance the appearance of their brows. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tattoo removal treatments who may have had such tattoos under medical or clinical instruction following trauma or disease. Please contact us if you require further information. Thank you.

      What changes to my eyebrows will I experience following a laser treatment?

      The strength and appearance of the eyebrow tattoo will begin to fade following the first 1 or 2 treatments. Some clients, depending on the type of ink pigment used, may experience a colour change of the tattoo during treatment. Following a treatment session your eyebrow hair may lighten because the laser targets colour/pigment. The lightening of the eyebrow hair during treatment is nothing to be concerned about and is only temporary. Our Practitioner will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation.

      Important - Laser tattoo removal when pregnant

      Best practice guidelines prevent us from providing laser treatments to any clients who are pregnant or who suspect they may be pregnant. We apologise for any incovenience.

      Important - Are you in good general health?

      To ensure we are able to proceed with a treatment it is important that you are in good general health. Please be prepared to share information regarding your general health and to disclose the use of any medications that you are using or have recently used. We do not share this information with any other party.

      Important - Are you over 18 years of age?

      All London Tattoo Clinic clients are required to be over the age of 18 years to be able to be treated. London Tattoo Clinic may require you to provide identification to validate your age. 

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