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      Laser Tattoo

      Laser tattoo removal London

      London Tattoo Clinic is a specialist laser tattoo removal clinic located here in the heart of London. We use award-winning IPL laser technology to provide safe and effective laser tattoo removal treatments. With excellent results. As a specialist clinic we focus solely on laser tattoo removal treatments.

      About laser tattoo removal

      Laser tattoo removal was first developed in the 1980s and is now a well established treatment procedure. Laser tattoo removal is now widely accepted as a safe and successful method of removing a permanent tattoo. It is important that a qualified and experienced aesthetic laser practitioner, using well maintained and proven laser technology, carries out your tattoo removal treatments. It is also important that you receive a detailed tattoo examination and thorough skin assessment as part of your patient consultation prior to starting a course of laser treatments.

      Our experienced aesthetic laser practitioners will discuss your treatment options in detail with you before any treatment begins. Our laser tattoo removal treatments are provided under well-led, professional and safe clinic conditions.

      Our position on tattoo removal creams

      Please note that we are a specialist, dedicated laser tattoo removal London clinic. At present we do not provide or endorse the use of tattoo removal creams for clients wishing to reduce or remove a permanent tattoo. If you are considering using tattoo removal creams then please refer to your GP or the NHS Choices website for further information about tattoo removal and tattoo removal creams.

      How does laser tattoo removal work?

      A tattoo is made up of many thousands of particles of ink pigment suspended deep within the skin tissue (epidermis). These ink pigments, in their current state, are often far too large to be effectively removed naturally by your body’s own immune system.

      The laser tattoo removal treatment works by delivering focused pulses of energy at the required wavelength needed to the site of the tattoo. The wavelength/amount of energy required will depend on the colour(s) of your tattoo and your skin type. These pulses of energy pass through the skin and effectively breakdown the tattoo ink pigments into much smaller particles. Following a laser tattoo removal treatment these smaller ink particles become simpler for your body’s immune system to effectively process as a foreign body, your immune system breaks them down further and gradually removes them from your body over time.

      This process leads to a gradual fading of the tattoo after each treatment and the appropriate healing time. Here at London Tattoo Clinic we provide a free initial consultation with an expert tattoo removal practitioner. A one-to-one personal consultation provides you with an opportunity to understand the process in greater detail and to ask any questions about the treatment procedure before you decide to proceed with a course of laser tattoo removal treatments.

      So, why choose us?

      Tattoo removal experts

      Unlike many other treatment providers, who offer a range of laser services, we specialise solely in providing professional laser tattoo removal treatments. We have a wealth of clinic experience, are client-focused and are committed to delivering the very best results and the highest level of care for all of our clients.


      Transparent pricing

      During your very first consultation with us we will confirm how many tattoo removal treatment sessions we expect to be required to reach the optimal result for you. Our tattoo removal team will also confirm the full price of your full treatment course all before your very first tattoo removal treatment begins.


      Book online

      Take your first step to removing that unwanted tattoo by booking a consultation with our expert tattoo removal team. You can now book your first consultation with us using our online booking process. The booking process is super simple and can be quickly completed in less time than it takes to make a brew.

      How many treatments does it take?

      Typically, the majority of our clients can expect a visible reduction after your first one or two treatments and approximately between five to eight treatments for optimal results/full removal.  Please note: results and the number of treatments required may vary from person to person. Larger, cover-up and more complex tattoos will require more treatments to safely achieve the optimal tattoo removal results. Treatments are scheduled 8 weeks apart.


      Find out more about our Free Consultation & Patch Test offer and how we can help you to remove your unwanted tattoo.