Laser tattoo removal London

London Tattoo Clinic are a laser tattoo removal London specialist clinic. We use the latest laser technology to provide our laser tattoo removal treatments and with great results. As a specialist clinic we focus solely on laser tattoo removal treatments.

Our team of experienced medical technicians will discuss all treatment options to best treat your tattoo. All laser tattoo removal treatments are provided under a professional, safe and comfortable clinic environment.

Tattoo laser removal was first developed in the 1980’s and is now well established. Tattoo laser removal is now widely accepted as a safe and successful method of removing a tattoo. It is important that a qualified technician using the latest proven laser technology carries out any laser tattoo treatment. It is also important that you receive a careful examination and detailed consultation prior to starting any treatment.

NOTE: Please note that at present London Tattoo Clinic we do not offer or endorse the use of tattoo removal creams.


How does laser tattoo removal work?

A tattoo is made up of many thousands of particles of ink pigment suspended deep within the skin tissue (epidermis). These ink pigments, in their current state, are too large to be effectively removed naturally by your body’s own immune system.

The laser tattoo removal treatment works by delivering focused pulses of energy at the required wavelength needed to the site of the tattoo. The wavelength/amount of energy required will depend on the colour(s) of your tattoo and your skin type.

These pulses of energy pass through the skin and effectively breakdown the tattoo ink pigments into much smaller particles. Now that the ink particles are much smaller this allows your body’s immune system to effectively process these smaller ink pigments, breaking them down and removing them from the body naturally over time.


Laser tattoo removal London

Our clinics are relaxed, calming and fully equipped. Most patients can comfortably complete their treatment sessions before work or during their lunch break.

Whilst some clients may experience some discomfort you should be able to continue with your day as normal. Just with a little care.

A tattoo removal treatment plan is carried out over a number of appointments. The number of appointments needed depends on a number of factors including the skill of your technician and the type of treatment used.

A typical treatment session for most clients with us takes between 15-30 minutes.  As a guide, most clients would normally require between 4 and 8 laser treatment sessions to remove most tattoos.

London Tattoo Clinic will be posting more information about our laser tattoo removal treatments soon. We’ll help you to better understand what to expect, will provide guidance on the tattoo removal cost and advice on the laser technology we use.

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Last updated 1 November 2018