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Tattoo Removal Before and After Gallery


 Please scroll down to view the progress made during various stages of treatment. These tattoo removal results were achieved using the proven laser technology and professional treatment procedures provided by the London Tattoo Clinic team.

The laser tattoo removal before and after case studies that we provide are entirely genuine and are provided with the consent of our London based clients and from our award-winning laser manufacturers that we work with to provide our treatments.


During your Consultation we'll confirm the results we expect to achieve following your course of tattoo removal treatments.

A Consultation enables us to fully assess your tattoo(s), your skin type and your suitability for treatment. We’ll then confirm the expected results we can achieve and the estimated number of treatments that will be needed.
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About these mid-treatment examples

The above examples are genuine before, during and after treatment pictures.  These photographs demonstrate the significant reduction and removal of tattoos that will be achieved from a course of tattoo removal treatments here at London Tattoo Clinic. These examples show the progress at various stages of treatment using our techniques and our laser technology that we use to treat clients with here at our London clinic.

We use award-winning and medical grade lasers provided by Lynton Lasers, leaders in aesthetic and medical laser devices. Lynton Lasers are suppliers to the NHS and are the UK’s largest manufacturer of IPL and Laser equipment. We are delighted to be fully supported by the Lynton Lasers and the Lynton Clinic team who provide world-class technical assistance and brilliant clinical support.

Please note: Results and the number of treatments required can vary for person-to-person and more complex tattoos may require additional treatments.

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