Tattoo Removal
Before and After

Tattoo removal before and after

During your consultation we will provide you with a range of tattoo removal before and after case studies. These case studies will help you to better understand the laser tattoo removal treatment process and the results you can expect to achieve from the treatment.

The London Tattoo Clinic team consult with you throughout your treatment sessions providing the highest level of care and service to ensure your experience is brilliant. The laser tattoo removal before and after case studies that we provide are entirely genuine and are provided with the consent of our London based clients and from our award-winning laser manufacturers that we work with to provide our treatments. 

We ensure that every client visiting London Tattoo Clinic is fully consulted on the type of treatment, the number of expected treatment sessions and the overall cost of the laser tattoo removal process before your first treatment begins.

Scroll down to view before and after treatment results achieved using the proven laser technology and professional treatment procedures that we use here at London Tattoo Clinic.

Results after just 4 treatments.

Results are dependent on a number of important factors and will vary for person to person. Most clients will require between 5 and 10 treatments to achieve the optimum results. Book your free consultation to discover how our tattoo removal treatments can help you personally.

Results after 5 treatments.

This image was taken mid way through the treatment course. The significant reduction in the appearance of this larger tattoo after 5 treatments is achieved using leading laser technology and a skilled and experienced tattoo removal practitioner. 

We treat professional, amateur and traumatic tattoos.

Regardless of the type of tattoo you have, London Tattoo Clinic can help you to achieve great results using our medical grade lasers. Book your consultation to discover how we can help you to achieve the best possible results.

Older tattoos

Older tattoos can often respond particularly well to laser tattoo removal treatments. A tattoo that is 10 years old is typically going to take 1 or 2 less treatments to reach the best results compared to the same tattoo that is 1 or 2 years old. Book your free consultation with us to discover how we can help you.

Medical grade lasers

We use the highest quality, specialist tattoo removal laser technology provided by the UK’s leading laser manufacturer. The award-winning Lynton Lasers who have over 20 years experience laser technology. Our lasers are used by the NHS for tattoo removal treatments.

How effective are our tattoo removal lasers?

Here at London Tattoo Clinic we use medical grade laser which are also used by the NHS for tattoo removal treatments. These specialist lasers are provided by LYNTON LASERS,  the award winning UK manufacturer with 20 years experience in aesthetic laser technology. Our lasers help us to achieve unrivalled clearance and reduction of professional, amateur and traumatic tattoos. 

How successful will my treatment be?

One of the very first questions clients often have is, ‘Will the treatment completely remove my tattoo?’. The overall result and success of your laser tattoo removal treatment is dependant on a number of important factors. The size, location, colour, age and composition of the tattoo you wish to remove all contribute to the overall result that is achievable. In the majority of cases complete removal is achievable providing the appropriate treatment is applied by a skilled laser professional and that the number of treatment sessions is correctly chosen.

It is important that the correct healing time is taken between your treatment sessions to allow the treatments to work to best effect and to allow your body to begin to break down the pigment of the treated tattoo. We advise a minimum of six weeks between your treatment sessions to help us to achieve the optimal result. It is also important that you care for your treated skin well following a laser tattoo removal treatment. Sensibly protecting yourself from sun exposure and allowing time for the skin to heal.

The team at London Tattoo Clinic provide all clients with clear detailed information to help them to ensure that the post-treatment healing process is successful and contributes to helping you to deliver the best possible results. 

In the event that during your consultation process we do not feel that a treatment plan will completely remove your tattoo then we will discuss the best expected outcome we can realistically provide. Almost all tattoos will greatly reduce in appearance and will significantly fade following a course of treatments but, in some cases, complete tattoo removal without any remaining trace of the ink-work is sometimes unachievable, even for the very best in the business.

A consultation with our London Tattoo Clinic tattoo removal experts will assist you in helping to fully understand the expected results we can help you to achieve.

For most clients a typical treatment session with us will take between 15-30 minutes. 
As a guide, m
ost clients will normally require between five and ten laser tattoo removal treatment sessions to achieve the optimal result. Results are dependant on the size, location and the composition of your tattoo. 

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Our experienced laser practitioners are on hand to provide advice and guidance on the treatments available to you. We’ll explain the process and will advise on the results you can expect to achieve from our laser tattoo removal treatments. And we’ll confirm the full cost of the treatment before your journey begins. Booking your consultation can be done here online and takes just a few minutes.