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Tattoo Removal Free Consultation & Patch Test


Your tattoo removal Free Consultation will be with an experienced aesthetic laser practitioner who will assess your tattoo(s) and will discuss the treatment options available to you. During your consultation we will also discuss your expectations from the treatment, the anticipated results we can provide and the risks or side-effects associated with laser procedures . Our laser practitioner will carefully assess the tattoo(s) as well as your skin type and its condition to determine the right approach to ensure the best possible results from a course of laser tattoo removal treatments.

Finally our laser practitioner we will confirm how long the course of treatments is expected to take to deliver the best results for you personally. Our laser practitioner will confirm how many appointments will be required to complete your tattoo removal treatment with us and the full price of the course of treatments. Our clients are invited to have a Free Patch Test and are encouraged to use the consultation to ask any questions that they may have.


Are there any fees for attending a consultation?

No. Our laser tattoo removal Consultations and Patch Test are FREE for clients wishing to know more about the laser tattoo removal process and potential results of this treatment.

Who are London Tattoo Clinic?

We are a specialist tattoo removal clinic working entirely in the field of professional laser tattoo removal. We are owned and operated by experienced clinic operators with significant private client healthcare and NHS backgrounds. Meet our clinic team.

What is covered during a consultation?

Your consultation is with an experienced aesthetic laser practitioner who will discuss why you wish to remove your tattoo(s). We will have some questions regarding your general health to ensure you are suitable for a course of laser treatments. We will then assess the tattoo(s) and your skin to best determine the treatment options. During your consultation we will discuss the risks associated with laser treatments. We’ll discuss the result we can confidently expect to achieve and will confirm the expected number of treatments needed. Finally we will confirm the full cost of the combined treatments so you can decide whether to proceed with the laser tattoo removal treatment plan we advise. If you wish to proceed with treatment then a Free patch test is provided by our clinic to ensure you will respond positively to the treatment. 

What happens if I want to go ahead with the laser treatment?

Once you are happy and wish to proceed with the treatment plan we will carry out a quick Patch Test to ensure you are suitable for treatment. Please read more about our patch tests below.

What happens if I am unsure about the laser treatment options?

We would not proceed with treatments without our clients being entirely happy and confident in the advice they receive during a consultation. If you are unsure whether a laser tattoo removal treatment course is right for you then we would advise you take some time to further consider your options. You are always welcome to book a follow-up Patch Test once you have decided to proceed with the treatment.

Do you provide laser treatments to everyone and all Skin Types?

In the vast majority of cases we can provide an effective treatment plan for clients with skin types I, II, III and IV based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. If you have skin type V or VI then we are very happy to provide general advice on the procedure however we would not be able to provide laser treatments due to the increased risk of complications when treating these skin types.

In some limited cases our team would not decide to pursue a laser tattoo removal treatment. For example, if we feel you are unsure about the treatment, if we feel that your skin may not respond positively to the laser treatment following a Patch Test, if we felt you were at particular risk of developing side-effects, if there is an underlying health condition or if you are pregnant.

All London Tattoo Clinic clients are required to be over the age of 18 years to be able to be treated. London Tattoo Clinic may require you to provide identification to validate your age.

What are the risks associated with laser tattoo removal?

Although the vast majority of clients should not encounter any problems or side-effects; laser treatments can, in some rare instances, lead to side-effects such as scarring and skin discolouration.

How can you minimise such risks?
It is vital that you work with a professional tattoo removal provider who has a proven and well maintained laser system and that the tattoo removal process is carried out by a practitioner qualified to operate lasers and IPL machines. These factors, following sensible post-treatment advice and spacing your appointments appropriately will help to best protect you and will minimise the risks associated with the laser tattoo removal treatment. At London Tattoo Clinic we assess each patient for potential risks and will discuss them with you fully prior to proceeding with a treatment. Patch Testing also helps to ensure the treatment process is right for you. Please note that we would not offer to proceed with a treatment if we felt that you were particularly at risk of developing side-effects. 

What is a Patch Test?

A Patch Test is a short procedure to ensure that the treatment site of the tattoo responds positively and correctly to the laser treatment. Patch Testing helps us to deliver the very best results for our clients and is there to help best protect you. A Patch Test is a short procedure using the laser which takes just a few seconds. A Patch Test also allows you to briefly experience the same laser process which we employ during a full treatment. This procedure often helps clients to understand that the process is entirely manageable and far less painful than some clients been led to believe.

Do I have to pay for my course of treatments in advance?

Our clients are free to choose to pay for single treatments one at a time, as they have them. Clients can also choose to pay for a full course of treatments in advance or to purchase a discounted package of 4 x treatment sessions. Visit our tattoo removal prices page for more information on treatment packages.

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