Removal Prices

Tattoo removal prices

At London Tattoo Clinic our laser tattoo removal treatments are designed to provide you with the very best possible results and at an affordable price.

Our tattoo removal prices are transparent. There are no hidden surprises and you stay in total control of your tattoo removal cost. We will provide a quote for the full cost of your treatment. All before any treatment begins. 

During your laser tattoo removal consultation we may carry out a patch test procedure to ensure that the treatment site of the tattoo responds positively and correctly to the laser tattoo removal treatment. 
Patch testing helps us to deliver the very best results for our clients and is there to help best protect you. A patch test with us is just £25.00. 

Please scroll down for details of the prices of our laser tattoo removal treatments here at our London tattoo removal clinic.

When do I pay for my laser tattoo removal treatments?

Here at London Tattoo Clinic our clients pay for each of their laser tattoo removal treatment as they receive them. One at a time on a pay as you go basis. As treatments are a minimum of six weeks apart this timing helps many clients manage the cost of their treatment.  Some clients choose to pay for a course of tattoo removal treatments in advance and our packages come with discounts included. All payment and treatment options will be discussed with you during your consultation with our clinic team.

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Our experienced laser practitioners are on hand to provide advice and guidance on the treatments available to you. We’ll explain the process and will advise on the results you can expect to achieve from our laser tattoo removal treatments. And we’ll confirm the full cost of the treatment before your journey begins. Booking a consultation with us can be completed here online. It takes just a few minutes.