Tattoo removal prices

Our laser tattoo removal prices will be published here soon. All laser tattoo removal treatments are designed to provide you with the best possible results at an affordable price. We will advise you on all tattoo removal prices and options and will provide a quote for the full cost of your treatment. All before any treatment begins.

Your laser tattoo removal treatment plan and all pricing options will be discussed in detail and will be decided with you fully at your first appointment here at a London Tattoo Clinic. You will be advised of the best possible treatment options available. We will confirm the full price of the full treatment before any treatment begins.

Our tattoo removal prices are transparent. There are no hidden surprises and you stay in full control of your tattoo removal cost. See below for details of how you can pay for your laser tattoo removal treatment here at our London tattoo removal clinic.


Tattoo removal prices – our pledge

During you consultation we will provide confirmation of our tattoo removal prices as a cost per treatment session. We will also advise you on how many treatment sessions we anticipate will be needed to provide the very best results for you. You will be provided with a treatment plan and a total cost quotation. At London Tattoo Clinic we pledge to ensure that we remain within the price quoted to you at your first consultations with us. We are committed to providing transparent pricing and high levels of service. Every time.


How can I pay for my treatment sessions?

The cost of a laser tattoo removal treatment cost can sometimes be a barrier for some clients. Here at London Tattoo Clinic we include flexible pay-as-you-go options to assist our clients with the tattoo removal cost.

Remember, a successful tattoo laser removal treatment is carried out over a number of treatment sessions. We would normally expect patients to between 4 and 6 weeks between each session. This time allows your tattoo site to heal and to respond to the laser treatment applied. This means that the cost of your treatment will be spread out over the course of your treatment and you will not be required to be paid in one payment.

Clients can of course choose to pay in advance for their full course. Please note that at present London Tattoo Clinic do not offer finance or credit terms at this time.  Read more about our specialist London laser tattoo removal clinic.

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Last updated 1 November 2018